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Desarrollos Delta is a company of Delta Group a leader in the development and execution of real estate projects in the residential, commercial and business areas.

How do we do it?

Desarrollos Delta

We offer comprehensive professional services ranging from conceptualization to the final delivery of projects.


Desarrollos Delta


We identify and assess opportunities in advance.


Our open structure allows us to devote time to both strategic tasks and total project management.

Experience and vision

Nearly 50 years of experience in the industry have given us great recognition in the sector.

Institucional Funds

We have worked with funds such as Prudential and Deltack.


We continue being an expert company in Real Estate Development, with the purpose of improving communities and participating in challenging, innovative and successful projects.

 Intelligent Urbanism

New urbanism focuses on restoring  urban quality lost thorugh time. This is still reflected in cities where community life is promoted, where you can walk back and forth without the need of a car. With intelligent urbanism, each place is designed thinking about improving the quality of life. Here, modern architecture and natural spaces coexist without affecting the native flora of the place. We take advantage of the benefits of nature optimizing natural resources. These intangible details bring tangible benefits to all residents with open spaces in harmony with the environment.

Current projects

Torre Agatta

Located in an area of constant evolution and high added value, Agatta is a residential tower of 138 condos with extraordinary views, designed to help connect with nature and facilitate a more sustainable lifestyle. It is part of the integral community of Via Cordillera and has shops, services and offices a few steps away. It was designed by Diego Gonzalez Alanis, Architect, Founding Member and CEO of the firm Prohabitat Naturaleza Urbana.


Amatis is a condo tower within Via Cordillera, with extraordinary views, designed to help connect with nature and facilitate a more sustainable lifestyle. The tower has apartments from 50 to 135 m2 and is part of an integral community that has shops, services and offices, all a few steps away. It was designed by  the renowned firm, GLR Arquitectos.

Torre Luzia (Commercial premises)

Luzia is an condo tower located in Santa Lucia riverwalk (Paseo Santa Lucía) and next to Fundidora Park. An opportunity to live in the most renowned area of Monterrey and surrounded by everything you need to make your life the way you always wanted: Green areas, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, concerts and more. This project was designed by FTA together with architect Fernando Teruya.

Torre Caliza

Caliza is the great beginning of Distrito Domo, the first zone of the complex and where you can live as you want, with condos, amenities, retail and services. Caliza has condos of 2 and 3 bedrooms from 60m2 to 95 m2 and commercial premises on the ground floor from 35 m2 to 190 m2.


Ambar combines both commercial and residential uses  in a unique manner, providing natural views, landscape and accessibility; in short, Intelligent Urbanism. Located in a plot of land of 4,800 m2, with an impressive view of the Sierra Madre Oriental and La Huasteca Canyon. It boasts an easy access through Alfonso Reyes Avenue, together with a natural ravine and an expansive linear park.


years in the sector


condos delivered


m2 built


Buyback customers with more than two units purchased

The new face of Santa Catarina

 We present urbanism in evolution: Distrito Domo.

A new way of living, it is a set of solutions developed for integral well-being... a place where people can live, walk, breathe, live together, have fun, move, buy, and of course, also work. Everything at the same place.

Proyectos actuales

Torre Agatta

Ubicada en una zona de constante evolución y con alta plusvalía, Ágatta es una torre residencial de 138 departamentos con vistas extraordinarias, pensada para ayudar a conectar con la naturaleza y facilitar un estilo de vida más sustentable. Forma parte de la comunidad integral de Vía Cordillera y cuenta con comercios, servicios y oficinas a unos pasos de distancia. El Diseño corre a cargo del Arq. Diego González Alanís, Socio fundador y Director general del despacho Prohábitat Naturaleza Urbana.


Amatis es una torre de departamentos dentro de Vía Cordillera, con vistas extraordinarias, pensada para ayudar a conectar con la naturaleza y facilitar un estilo de vida más sustentable. La torre cuenta con departamentos desde los 50 hasta los 135m2, y forma parte de una comunidad integral que cuenta con comercios, servicios y oficinas, todo a unos cuantos pasos de distancia. Su diseño está a cargo del reconocido despacho GLR Arquitectos.

Torre Luzía (locales comerciales)

Luzía es una torre de departamentos ubicada en el Paseo Santa Lucía y al lado del Parque Fundidora. Una oportunidad para vivir en la zona más reconocida de Monterrey y rodeado de las cosas que necesitas para que tus días sean como siempre has querido: áreas verdes, restaurantes, plazas comerciales, centros de entretenimiento, conciertos y más. Este proyecto, diseñado por FTA junto con el Arquitecto Fernando Teruya.

Torre Caliza

Caliza es el gran comienzo de Distrito Domo, la primera zona del complejo y en la que podrás vivir a tu manera con departamentos, amenidades, comercio y servicio. Caliza cuenta con departamentos de 2 y 3 recámaras desde 60 m2 hasta 95 m2 y locales comerciales en planta baja desde 35 m2 hasta 190 m2.


Ámbar conjuga de manera única usos comerciales y residenciales con vistas naturales, paisajismo y accesibilidad; en pocas palabras, Urbanismo Inteligente. Localizado en un terreno de 4,800 m2, con impresionantes vistas a la Sierra Madre y el Cañón de la Huasteca. Cuenta con fácil acceso desde la Avenida Alfonso Reyes, junto a una cañada natural y un extenso parque lineal.


años en el sector


departamentos entregados


m² construidos


MDP en proyectos construidos de 2016 a 2020

Effective planning and execution

We take advantage of tools and platforms that help us make our work more efficient and optimize the projects we develop.


Integral Project Administration Tool

Full-view project management, since it comprises all applications, documents and integrating parts of your project . It reduces mistakes in communication and manual data entry, proactively collects the course of action to prevent deviations from the program. It also keeps historical records to solve any possible issues.

Budget Control Tool

We know what it means to wait for a budget report, which is not  up-to-date or with errors. That’s why we provide the best solution for keeping control of all Real Estate Developments right away and very easily, under the highest international standards adapted to the Mexican Industry practice. It includes income projection, collection status, customizable payment programs and updated price lists.

CRM Optimization

We are immersed in a fourth industrial revolution, where artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things (IOT) are transforming client experience. With each of these new technologies, a new wave of data signals arrive; signals that we have to collect and decode to  implement intelligent marketing strategies. That’s why we promote the use of our CRM, to improve the experience of our clients throughout the whole journey: marketing, sales, rent, commerce and services.

Administration of Document Life Cycle

We count with an automated procedural flow tool that generates contracts and supplements reviews and signatures dynamically.  We can review any document status at any time, as well as the people responsible for them and the time required for each step of the process. Also, we have enabled direct document delivery for electronic signatures.

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