Boosting Growth

Inversiones Delta has extensive experience in capital management, both in Mexico and the US. as well as in the detection of investment opportunities to maximize profitability and promote growth.

This is a platform that integrates a set of practices, processes and IT technologies to manage responsible investment portfolios, ensuring regulatory compliance and reliability in your operation.

How do we do it?

  • Practices

    The operation rules and policies of the investment programs we manage consider the best practices in corporate governance and information technologies.

  • ESG Criteria

    Responsible investment policies are part of day-to-day management and long-term vision. We promote the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance, or “ESG”) criteria in the selection of our operating partners and in the assets we invest in.

  • Transparency

    Transactions with related parties are subject to market price review.

  • Independence

    Investment committees and boards of directors are organized including independent directors.

  • Alignment

    The co-investment and incentive schemes of investment program managers are aligned to the interests of our investors. 


We integrate world-class processes into our investment analysis management and structuring of investment vehicles to buy, develop, operate and sell real estate assets for the benefit of our investors.
There are six strategies that distinguish us as an Investment Fund Management Platform:

Technological Platforms

We integrate cutting-edge information technologies that add value to the investment analysis and monitoring processes through the use of technology tools to reduce management costs and obtain more reliable results.

We work with specialized software for budget control of our real estate investment projects.
We use state-of-the-art technology for the evaluation of investments and real estate portfolios.
We have platforms for managing the relationship with our investors and the timely delivery of reports.

Administration experience

We integrate a team with almost 50 years of financial and real estate experience for managing investments, both in Mexico and the United States.

We have the support of a Shared Service Center that includes accounting, taxes, treasury, legal, human resources and IT activities.

Investment Program Managers

We have recently integrated three investment program managers into the platform:

DDelta REI

A private equity investment programs  administrator of real estate projects in the United States, focused mainly in rental housing.


An Equity Management firm for investing in property development companies in Mexico.

3N Strategies

An administrator of private equity investment programs that acquires real estate rental assets with the triple net modality in the United States.

ESG criteria

We promote the development of responsible investment policies in our capital managers, ensuring best business practices in environmental, social and governance matters.


We want our investments to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and the environment. We inspire our development partners to integrate bioclimatic architecture and eco-efficiency criteria such as green space ratios, calculation of water extraction, energy consumption, carbon footprint measurement, among other.


In the investments we make, we are committed to selecting projects that are profitable and sustainable, that enhance the communities and respond to the needs of society, promoting worthy, accessible, inclusive public spaces and promoting better job opportunities.


We implement the best practices of Corporate Governance, which is fundamental for the ethical and efficient operation of investment decision making. We promote a set of values, principles and rules that encourage transparency in our investment program management, seeking to mitigate any conflict of interest.

Investor Relations

With the aim of providing our investors a better communication service, transparency and attention, we have:

A specialized team in managing investment programs focused on serving our investors.
Drafting and delivery of reliable reports with regards to our investments as well as relevant information on the real estate market.
Transparency and institutionalization processes in communication and management of our investment portfolios.
Validation policies in our investor subscription processes.

An ecosystem that generates community

Our platform allows us create connections throughout the entire investment cycle. All our investment programs build an administrative and commercial synergy to offer our investors a diversification of their real estate portfolios, both in Mexico and the United States. 

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